SDA Bocconi Clubs

The joy of studying in a positive environment.

Clubs are an essential part of the MBA experience at SDA Bocconi. They bring people together and encourage new ideas by fueling exchanges between students, professors, alumni and the business world around areas of common interest.

All clubs are student-led and require excellent managerment skills in order to procure funds, develop business plans, as well as manage relationships with the press and private firms.

To complement a full class and study schedule, clubs enrich the MBA with various events including regattas, sports weekends, charity evenings, conferences, seminars and wine-tastings by involving students, distinguished guests and the alumni network.

Professional Clubs:

Dedicated to the spirit and activities of business and entrepreneurship in a global context.

A think-tank for discussions and activities related to the issues of Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics.

Aimed at providing training, new knowledge, and career development in the finance sector through ongoing relationships between businesses, alumni, and academic staff.

Aimed at increasing understanding of the healthcare industry and careers through company visits, seminars and training with healthcare professionals. The club also offers networking opportunities with Alumni and managers from top healthcare companies.

Committed to expanding knowledge and providing exposure for SDA Bocconi students into Operations Management across all industries. The goal is to increase the SDA Bocconi brand to pave the way for individuals who want to pursue a career in this sector.

Aimed at providing students with hands-on exposure and a deeper insight into luxury industry. SDA Bocconi expert Faculty and Alumni network liaise students to experienced executives and entrepreneurs within the luxury sector.

Aimed at fostering interaction and mutually beneficial exchange between the world of consultancy and SDA Bocconi MBA students.

Tech & Marketing Club gathers people passionate about innovation, technology and all the trends of marketing, communication and customer experience. Club's aim is to organize specialized events, workshops and meetings while creating opportunities for networking.

Social Clubs:

The Club organizes running training sessions for students from all the Master programs facilitating networking among them. It also manages the participation in fundraising running competitions.

Sailing as a metaphor for leadership and teamwork: Club activities combine adventure with competition by bringing together students, faculty and alumni from top international business schools, as well as guests from industry, finance and international organizations.

Connected by their love of skiing, a group of students organize leisure and social activities, involving students and alumni from other top international business schools, as well as guests from the corporate world.