Case Studies Research

Published cases:

  • Arbore A. – Daylights vs. Sangstyle
  • Cafarelli A., Dallocchio M., Lombardi M., Pippo F. – The Reckitt-Benckiser Merger: From an Agile panther to a Roaring Tiger
  • Caporarello L., Manzoni B., Magni M., Paolino E. – The Business Relationship Manager in UBIS: An integration role?
  • Caporarello L., Manzoni B., Saviozzi F. – Managerial Challenge in professional Service Firms: The experience of Lombardini22
  • Cinque G., Mannucci V., Salvemini S. – Glass Hostaria: Restaurant Innovation at the Heart of Trastevere
  • Cuomo S., Mapelli A. – Agile working as a key for Diversity: the Siemens Office project
  • Dallocchio M., Pippo F. – Illy Caffe
  • Etro L., Dell’Acqua A. Teti E. – AC Milan Case
  • Gatti S., Chiarella, C. – Glencore / Xstrata: playing Aida’s Triumphal March on Top of the Everest
  • Gatti S., Viganò G. – Odebrecht Drilling Norbe VIII/IX
  • Gatti S., Fiorio A. – Watercraft Capital SA
  • kalra M., Draebye, M. – Tw Steel: Big in Oversized watches
  • Leone L., Soda G. – Network Formation and Evolution in High Quality Cuisine: The Case of Friuli Venezia giulia – Via dei Sapori
  • Manzoni B., Raffaglio M. – The performance management system of Autoguidovie
  • Sampietro, M. – Strait of Messina Bridge: A Risk perspective
  • Otto M., Augelli, Hirsch – Promoting the Rights of Every Child: The IkEA-UNICEF partnership to prevent and Combat Child Labor
  • Soda g., Achter P. – Bad Apples or Sour pickles? Behavioral paradigms and Social Structure in the LIBOR Scandal
  • Vecchi V., Casalini F., Cusumano N., Brusoni M. – Oltre Venture: the first Italian Impact Investment fund
  • Venzin M., Amodio A. – Prysmian group: Leading the way in the global Cable Industry
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