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Scientific method is a guide to the mental activities and systems needed to solve complex competitiveness problems. It provides an objective, standardized approach to conduct research and, in doing so, improves its results. The scientific method is the back bone of all rigorous scientific inquiry. It allows us to be rigorous in applying research methodologies and solving complex business issues.

The SDA Bocconi faculty published, among others, the following articles in top international scientific journals:

  • Bonini, S., Dell'Acqua, A., Fungo, M., kysucky, V. (2016). Credit market concentration, relationship lending and the cost of debt,
    International Review of Financial Analysis, 45, May 2016, 172-179
  • Magni, M., Maruping, L. (2015). Motivating employees to explore collaboration technology in team contexts. MIS Quarterlly, 39(1),
    1-16 Credit market concentration, relationship lending and the cost of debt
  • Villa, S., prenestini, A., & giusepi, I. (2014). A framework to analyze hospital-wide patient flow logistics: Evidence from an Italian
    comparative study, Health policy, 115(2), 196-205.
  • Markman, g. Venzin, M. (2014). Resilience: Lessons from banks that have braved the economic crisis − and from those that have
    not, International Business Review, 23, 1096 – 1107
  • Slavich, B., Cappetta, R., & giangreco, A. (2014). Exploring the link between human resource practices and turnover in multi-brand
    companies: The role of brand units’ images. European Management Journal, 32(2), 177-189.
  • Fuchs, C., prandelli, E., Schreier, M., & Dahl, D. w. (2013). All that is users might not be gold: How labeling products as user
    designed backfires in the context of luxury fashion brands. Journal of Marketing, 77(5), 75-91.



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