mhealth - Enhancing Cancer Support Care

Cancer disease management represents one of the greatest healthcare challenges worldwide. Mobile monitoring devices who experience severe symptoms to record their own health measures and promptly send them electronically to physicians or specialists. Therefore, mhealth in cancer supportive care is the new frontier  in delivering oncological care and Bocconi University is honoured to organize this conference in collaboration with Helsinn Group.


The conference will explore, examine and debate the ways in which mobile technology is transforming cancer supportive care (CSC) delivery research, business and policy for the 21st century
In particular the conference will:

  • Discuss the role and utilization of innovative ehealth technologies for the clinical and organizational home based management of patients affected by oncological pathologies on CSC;
  • Highlight critical progress, research, constraints, cases of use, success stories and lessons learned across the mHealth landscape in cancer care;
  • attract domestic and international academics, practitioners, regulators and media.

Targeted participants

The participants’ targeted for the conference represent several relevant key stakeholders in the area of Cancer Supportive Care:
1.Oncologists: Clinicians’ Associations and Nurses’ Associations;
2.Decision Makers: Regulators and Policy Makers;
3.Payers: Insurance Companies;
4.Supporting Industries: IT, Telecommunication and Software providers, Consulting Companies;
5.Patients: Patients’ Associations;

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