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Effective data management and timely information collection give a company a crucial competitive advantage over its rivals. In the era of big data, business analytics is increasingly recognized as a key to successful business performance. Through business analytics companies can offer qualitatively higher standards of service, reduce costs and risks through improved decision-making.

The Management Science Lab of SDA Bocconi is specifically set up to respond to modern managerial needs performing research on business analytics tools. We are a multidisciplinary research group developing methods for decision-making, business intelligence and big data analysis.


Our objective is to bring the most recent advances in business analytics and decision support methods to managers and corporations. Our goal is to promote an effective use of the information and data available to managers. To reach such goal, we help them asking crucial questions and unveiling the best alternatives available to solve the problems at hand.

Business analytics methods enable managers to assess scenarios, to deepen their understanding of the drivers of the decision-making problems, to identify and evaluate alternative managerial strategies, to create simulations that shed light on the problem at hand. Making use of quantitative tools empowers managers with a structured approach to determine the optimal implementation policies.


Though its experts, Management Science Lab provides a unique opportunity to support businesses and public administrations in all areas of business analytics, for the optimal exploitation of available data, surveys and simulation techniques:

•    Decision Support
•    Big Data: analysis and visualization
•    Simulations
•    Scenario Analysis and Forecasting





Management Science Lab
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Emanuele Borgonovo