Financial Time, Business Education, October 5, 2014
MBA students make steps into the fashion industry.
«As the catwalks in Milan, London, Paris and New York are put away until next season, London-based designers are discovering another audience with an interest in fashion – MBA students …»

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Monocle, March 2014
Business Class - Milan
«Italy's reputation for producting family businesses that go on to be leading players in their industries is unmatched.. …»

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Monocle, March 2014
Flying colours - Italy
«Italy has a proven track record of producing family-run businesses that grow to become successful in their respected niche by championing well-mad goods.. …»

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Forbes, October 10, 2013
A Survival Guide For Symbolic And Lifestyle Brands
«What is it that causes a product to sell by the millions? Take the Snuggie, for example, the so-called blanket with arms. …»

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Luxury Daily, February 10,  2013
Lifestyle Brands: A Guide to Aspirational Marketing
«Within the universe of symbolic brands, Icon Brands become the carriers of universal values and stories that they express through a range of products characterized by instantly recognizable and iconic codes. …»

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Stefania Saviolo

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