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You only need to look at a few numbers to understand the strategic importance of the food industry for our country. The agricultural and food industry as a whole is worth over €220 billion. 55,000 companies employ nearly 400,000 workers in the transformation of agricultural products and livestock alone. In 2013 we exported goods worth €33 billion and the trend is steadily growing, making this sector one of the biggest contributors to our economy.  The potential for growth in exports is still substantial, and for the Italian food industry seizing those opportunities is a major competitive challenge that must be faced.

As a rapidly evolving sector involving many different operations, the food industry is anything but static and it doesn't always grow in a linear way.
Knowing how to collect and process the wealth of knowledge and the know-how poured into this sector both at the production and at the commercial level can give participants a competitive edge.

Our role

SDA Bocconi's Food & Beverage Knowledge Center aims to be a reference point for the industry through its interaction with entrepreneurs, managers, analysts and professionals, and it has two main objectives:

  • to analyse what factors drive change and their impact on the economic and competitive dynamics in Italy and abroad;
  • to find operational responses and innovative approaches to defend the competitiveness of Italian companies and seize growth opportunities offered by foreign markets.

The F&B Knowledge Center offers research, training and strategic coaching tools to the business community. The rigor and depth of analysis, and the ability to put forward innovative managerial solutions are the measure of its operational success.

The F&B Knowledge Center also includes:

Massimiliano Bruni

Head F&B Knowledge Center

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Food & Bevereage Knowledge Center
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