DEVO – Digital Enterprise Value and Organization

Why Digital Transformation matters

The economic value and companies generating it are more and more influenced by digital factors
In Italy, and elsewhere, we observe a major dichotomy between digital pervasiveness in the consumer world and a substantial slowness by companies in adopting processes, methods and solutions driven by digital technologies. With the possible exception of those on the supply side of digital services and technologies
The main reason is the limited knowledge about how digital impacts the way organizations work, on the dichotomy between the internal ICT function and the rest of the business functions, to the lack of fundamental competencies and of the general vision and strategy of the business functions
In addition, many ICT departments lack the necessary credibility of business functions to drive the enterprise digital transformation, despite their better understanding of enabling digital technologies
The business functions, on the other hand, are often skeptical, concerned and scared to embark in a very committed way to the digital transformation of their own organizations.


Goals and activities

SDA Bocconi is perfectly positioned to become  the first “non technological” School to address coherently and exhaustively  the subject of Digital Transformation of companies and enterprises, winning a leadership role on the marketplace through offering competencies and capabilities necessary to support digital transformation through  research and analysis on the most relevant subjects for managers coping with the Digital Transformation of their organizations, processes and offerings.
Examples of this research and analysis are:

Studies on the impact of digital technologies on the enterprises and their value
Leveraging of digital technologies to simplify business strategy and operations and to speed up the go-to-market
Reference models, methods, tools and measurements  to leverage the digital transformation, particularly for non-ICT companies
Better models and schema for the interaction of demand and offer
Assessment of the digital transformation investments and economics
Digital organization readiness
Digital technology roadmaps


Our Stakeholders

A first set of stakeholders are all companies and public administration interested in starting or accelerating their digital transformation.

A second set of stakeholders are ICT solution and technology suppliers interested in establishing their offer of products and services as the backbone of the digital transformation.

An initial set of sponsors has been identified, including:

  • ICT  technology suppliers
  • Large system integrators
  • Advisory/Consulting
  • ICT user companies
  • Telco

Digital Impact