Senior Executive Program | SDA Bocconi School of Management




A quite famous quote from the Matrix movie reminds us: Neo, sooner or later you're going to realize just as I did that there's a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.

The SENIOR EXECUTIVE PROGRAM (SEP) is a unique learning journey made up of two distinctive courses supporting top managers right on these two big challenges:


  • Knowing the path: the SENIOR MANAGEMENT PROGRAM (SMP) is a course designed to support strategic formulation, detection of the latest trends, portfolio and financial analysis, evaluation of the growth opportunities, and focus on market-driving innovation.
  • Walking the path: the SENIOR LEADERSHIP PROGRAM (SLP) is the course designed to help top managers to deal with the execution, with uncertainty and complexity, to implement organizational changes, while building effective and responsible leadership.


Being an authoritative, persuasive, and agile leader, understanding the markets’ fast evolution, looking ahead and making the right decisions in a complex and ever-changing world is exactly what you need as a successful senior executive.

The SDA Bocconi Senior Executive Program, then, will walk with you along this path by boosting your leadership and business skills and by integrating them in order to develop winning strategies and to tackle change successfully. Both the SMP and SLP learning steps will include intense class activities, networking events, as well as individual coaching.

If you are a CEO, a General Manager, a Country Manager, a Business Unit Director, or a senior executive with functional responsibilities (i.e., CFO, CMO, CCO, COO, CTO), this is the program for you.


Joining the SEP journey allows you to get a reduction of € 3.000 on the SMP+SLP total fee.