26 June 2018

NBA players invest in their talent “off the court”

For the second year in a row, the NBPA (the union for current professional basketball players in the NBA) is holding “Branding in the Global Economy” at the SDA Bocconi School of Management for current players in the world’s most prestigious basketball league. Headed by Dino Ruta and Luana Carcano, the program is offered by the International Business Academy (IBA), created by the NBPA for its 450 players who increasingly feel the need to gain international insight and experience, in business and management as well.

21 June 2018

What’s in the cards for western political leadership? let’s hear it from Alan Friedman

Nemo propheta in patria: no man is a prophet in his own land. And Alan Friedman, in this sense, would have the advantage of not being Italian. However, even if he is an American journalist and essayist who has lived in Italy for a very long time, it was hard for him as well, at the beginning of May, to predict how one of the most complicated political crises of our republican history would end.

07 June 2018

SDA Bocconi enters the Chinese market with an Executive MBA

The Shanghai based programme for managers starts in October. SDA Bocconi School of Management consolidates its position as a leading international business school with the launch of a new Executive MBA programme which will debut this October in Shanghai.

The programme relies on the collaboration of lecturers from Jiao Tong University and on CO-THINKING Education Group, a Chinese company specialised in providing and promoting educational programmes, for coordination and technical support.

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