Crafting a Triple A MBA: the MBA Director’s favorite advice


“We aim to craft a “Triple A” MBA, leveraging on individual Aspiration to change and Ambition to increase their affluence, to forge tomorrow’s global leaders gifted with social Awareness.” 

This is what our MBA should be about in Director Francesco Daveri’s own words. 

A program that enables participants to develop their ASPIRATION to change and AMBITION to be one day on the short list of the world's most affluent people, having the same wealth as half the world's population (source: Oxfam), yet nonetheless be endowed with and ready to perfect their AWARENESS that managerial decisions occur in a rapidly changing social context where the winner can sometimes take all, yet the other 7.4 billion people all want and deserve a future. 

“That’s our AAA+ MBA: an international, game-changing MBA in Milano, for entrepreneurial career switchers” remarks Daveri, “who have already had an excellent career but want to look beyond this, towards entrepreneurship or to go for a full-fledged career in general management.” 

Location (Bocconi and SDA Bocconi, Milano, Italy) and craftsmanship (a relatively small program designed to closely serve the needs of its users) are major strengths for this AAA+ MBA: “Teaching and other experiential activities occur in a cozy but global environment where craftsmanship and personal care are both methods and goals for professors and staff” comments the Director. “Moreover, we are in a location where culture, arts and imagination are embedded in daily life. Our MBA experience can push students out of their comfort zone, and challenge them to see things from a different perspective.” 

At the end, quoting a recent interview with Daveri in Forbes (The Essential Qualities Of The Modern Manager, by Matt Symonds) “it is the ability to imagine your future that makes the MBA such an empowering experience.” 

And, should we identify the SDA Bocconi MBA with a song, what that would be and why? The MBA Director has no doubt: “The song is John Lennon’s Imagine. Of course, we do add knowledge during the program, and empowerment, as a result, reflects our efforts. But without the ability to imagine your future, knowledge alone does not empower. “ 

For the complete interview, see here

SDA Bocconi School of Management

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