Connecting theory and practice

Companies form an integral part of the Global EMBA, as sponsors, partners and educators. Companies that participate in learning activities at SDA Bocconi share the School's view of continual learning, which starts in the classroom and is firmly based in the real world. For this reason, companies are constantly present throughout the Program.

The number of companies in the SDA Bocconi network is large and diverse and new companies are welcomed into the network by supporting their employees for an MBA program. The benefits to the company become immediately apparent, as Global EMBA participants bring in new stimuli and a drive for growth. In turn, through close contact with company managers, the School receives the necessary inputs to continuously update its educational offerings and fine-tune the Program to remain relevant to the needs of real companies.

During the Program, participants have several chances to become exposed to leading companies, thanks to formal classroom lectures and informal visits by top managers. In addition, activities and events organized by The MBA Clubs are another opportunity for each participant to share their interests and discover new ones. By the end of the Program, participants will be able to depend on a personal network of contacts they have personally developed with companies all over the world as well as through the Alumni Network.