A fast forward into the MBA program

Opening Week
September 2018

Our Program starts with a one-week MBA boot camp, during which you are asked to understand and live the essence of your forthcoming year.

The Opening Week is structured into four days:


Know Your School
The first day of the Opening Week will give you the opportunity to know the details of SDA Bocconi School of Management, Università Bocconi and your MBA curriculum. You will also celebrate the kick-off of the program with the School management, faculty, staff, and a group of alumni that will welcome you on board.


Know Yourself and Your Class
The second day is about experiencing the international environment of your class and getting acquainted with the different profiles and dreams of your classmates.


Know Your Career
In the third day you will have the chance to interact with a sampling of key stakeholders for your future career: recruiters, career service and alumni.


Know Your MBA
In the final day of the Opening Week, you will take part in what normally happens in a morning of MBA classes.


Been dying to come to Campari HQ since 2010, who would have thought that my MBA journey would take me here?


Opening Week highlights  Starring: Rector , , , , interiors, Mariana, Anthony, Songlee, Vicente, and many other mba class of 2017 and 2018 students

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