Career Services for Students

One-to-one Activities
  •  Career Counseling: The Career Services team provides individual career counseling to each MBA student. We help you to fully understand the industry of your interest and to evaluate the various options based on your profile and aspirations. Targeted, pragmatic career advice is provided day-to-day, most intensively during the Internship Campaign (December through March) and the Permanent Campaign (September-December). That is when we assist you to apply selectively to targeted opportunities and to draw up an effective post-MBA career plan and job search strategy.


  • Coaching: Together with the SDA Bocconi’s Executive Education division, Career Services has also developed a tailored coaching program for MBA participants. The program is a unique opportunity to enhance your self-awareness and develop your leadership skills.
Class Activities
  • Career Seminars & Workshops: With career-focused seminars and workshops, you will have the opportunity to engage in challenging discussions with top industry experts, to test your job interviewing abilities and to give and receive feedback from your peers. The overall learning program varies according to each class profile and market trends, but always includes the fundamentals to provide you with a complete awareness of job market dynamics and to prepare you for the most challenging selection processes of international MBA recruiters.

    Some examples of fundamental class learning activities:
    - Finance and consulting boot camps
    - Case-based and competency-based interview training
    - Networking skills
    - Global mobility: visa and work permits, compensation practices around the world
    - Salary negotiation
    - Presentation skills
    - Industry panels with alumni about market trends and recruiting scenarios


  • Club Events: Career Services often partners with MBA student clubs to organize networking events and round tables with key stakeholders – CEOs, top executives, entrepreneurs, headhunters, etc. These events usually gain a wider audience than the MBA class, and leverage student networking skills and energy to generate extremely engaging discussions about contemporary business topics.

    Some of the most active student clubs:
    - Finance Club
    - Marketing Club
    - Consulting Club
    - Luxury Club