Career Service is a valuable resource for MBA students and companies looking for highly talented individuals.

The Career Service is a key partner to MBA candidates seeking to achieve their career goals and recruiting companies looking for highly talented individuals.

Each Career Service team member's mission is to support you throughout the program, providing you the right tools and knowledge to define and execute an effective career strategy, connecting you with the right international employers and helping you to successfully re-enter the job market after graduation.

It's a full time effort where we partner with each and every one of you individually as well as with the entire class.

We also keep a close link with the business community, as we organize company presentations and networking events with international MBA recruiters, promoting a continuous exchange of experiences and information about industry trends and employment opportunities. 
Our ultimate goal is "the match." When a candidate's profile and aspirations exactly meet an employer's talent recruitment need, generating a successful internship project or full time employment… that is when everybody wins!

Career Service for Students

Career Service partners with MBA students to support their professional and personal development throughout the program. We spend time with them individually and collectively, always promoting accountability and personal initiative. Students achieve their best career results when they learn to work with us as partners, tapping into their own energy and resources and making the best use of the knowledge and tools we provide. 

Career Service for Companies

Each recruiting Company  has its own talent acquisition strategy and needs, but many find SDA Bocconi  MBA students an interesting pool of  high potential candidates, regardless of their industry, size, geography or growth phase.
Career Service works with each Company to find the best way to promote their employer brand and  to target the right students for their  employment openings. 

  • "The strong connections of the career services with all the top consulting companies in Italy really helped me in securing my post-MBA dream job in strategic consulting."

    Virve Tulamo, Finland | MBA 2016

    Consultant at Bain&Company - Milan, Italy

  • "My MBA taught me not to limit myself and rise above the financial aspect. Before that, I had no clear career strategy, my MBA opened many doors. I had many opportunities to choose from, many of which seemed impossible to get before."

    Christophe Hayek, French/Lebanese | MBA 2016

    Senior Program Manager at Amazon - Luxembourg