International Journal Of Arts Management


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Guest Editors:

Manuel Cuadrado-García (University of Valencia, Spain)

Juan D. Montoro-Pons (University of Valencia, Spain)


Submission Deadline: 31st May 2022

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Arts consumption has been shown to be influenced by demographic, socioeconomic, and psychographic determinants, as well as to produce cognitive, affective and social effects on people. Among the former, gender has been one of the most studied variables, presenting differences in cultural tastes and practices between men and women (Colbert & St-James, 2014; Katz-Gerro & Sullivan, 2004). However, others such as sexual orientation (Lewis & Seaman, 2004), race-ethnicity (Patterson, 2020) or religion (Montoro-Pons & Cuadrado-García, 2018) have played a minor role in explaining consumer behavior in the arts management and marketing literature. Additionally, arts participation has been proved to change people´s attitudes or perceptions toward minority groups, like theatre (Iverson & Seher, 2014) or media (McInnroy & Craig, 2016) in the case of LGTBIs.


In this regard, the analysis of diversity (to be loosely understood in terms of gender, sexual orientation, race-ethnicity or religion, to mention some) in the arts context (performing arts, music, visual arts, fine arts and media) could provide a fruitful insight into the heterogeneity of cultural consumption, its determinants and effects. Diversity is to be understood from an agnostic perspective.


This special issue aims to bring together collaborative efforts from different perspectives with the purpose of offering innovative insights into issues surrounding arts consumption, diversity and inclusion. Submissions of thought-provoking conceptual papers, as well as empirical studies and practice papers using a wide range of methodologies, are all welcomed. We are therefore look forward to receiving manuscripts covering a wide range of themes related to this topic, which might include (but are not limited to) the following:


  • Determinants of arts participation and diversity
  • Consumer journey, arts preferences and minorities
  • Customer experience, co-creation, immersion and diversity
  • Diversity, technology and the digital divide in cultural participation
  • Cross-cultural differences in arts participation
  • Geographical divide in arts consumption
  • High-brows versus low-highbrows arts participation
  • Arts consumption and attitudes toward minorities
  • Cultural participation and social inclusion
  • Arts consumption and community creation


This special issue aims to adopt a global and agnostic approach, to reflect the diversity of the contributions included, and to be of interest to academics, practitioners, and general interest audiences.


Review process for the selection of articles

Submitted articles will be subjected to double-blind review and will be evaluated also by the Guest Editors for this issue of the Journal. Authors should prepare their manuscripts for blind review and submit them to before 31st May 2022.