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    How long does the Global Executive MBA last and when does it start?

    It lasts 20 months, from March to November of the following year.

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    How is the Global Executive MBA structured? What is the expected time commitment?

    The course consists of about 61 days of classroom work and 150 distance-learning sessions. We anticipate that participants will need to devote and average weekly workload of ten to fifteen hours to successfully complete the program.

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    What is the language of instruction of the Global Executive MBA?

    The language of instruction is English.

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    What are the aims of the Program?

    The program aims to be rigorous but also flexible, rich in theory but also practical enough to be tested in the workplace. Global Executive MBA allows participants to have close contact with professionals from a large variety of business sectors.

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    What are the strenghts of the Global Executive MBA?

    • A solid and proven didactic mix of distance learning and on-campus modules.
    • A schedule that largely allows you to personally manage your learning time.
    • Personal attention to participants from the beginning to the end of the course, including at a distance.
    • Intentionally heterogeneous personalities and talents in the class which foster the quality of shared experiences.
    • A dynamic, high-profile faculty familiar with the international management environment and culture.
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    What is the learning platform of the program?

    The learning platform of the Global Executive MBA aims to make full use of each participant's time by combining traditional lectures, case studies, group projects and business simulations with a variety of distance-learning sessions. The final result reflects Bocconi spirit, which encourages a vibrant exchange of ideas through practical analyses and criticisms in order to foster a sense of belonging.

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    What are the evaluation criteria?

    In each module, participants will be initially assessed on written tests and/or projects on a Pass/Fail basis. The primary objective of the initial evaluation is to verify that participants have acquired the necessary competencies in each subject. If a participant is granted a passing grade, then they will receive a final mark (A, B, C or D) distributed on a learning curve. If a participant receives three failing grades, they will be required to withdraw from the program. We believe this rigorous evaluation process preserves the value of the program and quality of each individual's experience.

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    Are preparatory courses envisaged?

    Yes. It is very important that all participants have attained the necessary level of knowledge before the program begins. To this end, a set of online Tutorials is available for students who decide to opt for it after going through self assessment.

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    Are extra-curricular activities envisaged?

    Yes. In addition to all The MBA Club initiatives promoted by participants and Alumni, several other educational, cultural, leisure, and team-building activities are envisaged. They include: the Masteriadi, MBA Benefit Event, Business plan competition, plus regattas, the MBA Ski Cup, as well as soccer and golf competitions.

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    Will I need a computer?

    Yes. To get the full benefit from distance learning you'll need a laptop with an internet connection.