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    What are the requirements for applying?

    You must have at least a bachelor’s degree (in any discipline). On average students in our MBA have 5.5 years of work experience.

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    When should I submit my application?

    MBA application review begins in September 2017 and ends in July 2018. The MBA selection process is conducted on a rolling basis and, given the large volume of applications, we recommend that candidates submit their application as early as possible.

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    When will I be notified of an admission decision?

    The Admissions Service carries out a pre-selection upon receipt of the application on the basis of the documentation supplied and informs candidates whether they are suitable to proceed with the selection process. The selection process takes up to twelve weeks after all tests have been completed and documents received. The outcome is communicated in writing to candidates.

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    What is the selection process based on?

    Admission to the Program depends on a rigorous selection process that takes into account several equally important factors. Your application for admission, academic background, professional experience, GMAT/GRE and TOEFL/IELTS/PTE/CPE results, letters of reference and interview are analysed scrupulously.

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    Can I apply again if my application is not accepted?

    Yes. The Admissions Service will assess the second application in light of the first application.

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    Is there a minimum required GMAT score?

    No. Although the GMAT is an important indicator of class performance, it is only one of the elements considered in the selection process.

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    I have taken the GMAT a number of times. Which result do you take into consideration?

    The best one. However, we advise you not to take the test several times but instead spend more time (at least two or three months) preparing for it so that your result will best reflect your true abilities. Results obtained before January 2013 are no longer valid.

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    What is the SDA test?

    It is a test in English, equivalent to the GMAT, administered directly by the SDA Bocconi Admissions Service.

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    How can I apply to take the SDA test?

    Candidates may ask to take the SDA test instead of the GMAT. The test is run directly by the Admissions Service after the submission of the application for admission.

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    Which degrees do you accept?

    Candidates must have a three or four year degree that is considered at the bachelor’s degree level in the country in which it was conferred.

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    Will I have to take the TOEFL/IELTS/PTE/CPE tests?

    All candidates must demonstrate their level of knowledge of English by taking one of these tests. The only exceptions are candidates whose mother tongue is English or those who took a degree in English. Results obtained before January 2016 are no longer valid.