Stefano Monferra'

Curriculum Vitae

Stefano Monferrà is SDA Fellow of Banking and Insurance at SDA Bocconi School of Management. He is Full Professor of Banking and Finance at Parthenope University of Naples.

He cooperates with SDA Bocconi since 1991. During his academic activity, he has developed and managed several workshops, training projects and applied research in the field of credit risk management, corporate finance and financial supervision with some of the major players of the banking industry.

His research activities focus on credit analysis (from processes to assessing and managing risks associated with lending), supervisory legislation, corporate lending (including leasing and factoring), corporate finance (private equity and venture capital) and relationship banking. He also takes and interest in tax evasion impact on bank-business relations and has recently developed a specific research activity in crowd funding and Fin-Tech initiatives.

He is the author of numerous books and articles on the subject. His works have been published in important journals such as: Journal of Banking & Finance, Journal of Financial Services Research, Applied Financial Economics. Author of some books including “Corporate & Investment Banking” (Franco Angeli 2017) “Il rapporto banca-impresa in Italia”, (Bancaria Editrice - 2007). He won the award "Eccellenza nel coordinamento" Customized management training division (Banks and Finacial Intermediaries) in 2008, and winner, for many years of the award “Imprenditorialità” (Banks and Finacial Intermediaries). He is responsible of OSSFIN (Osservatorio sugli Intermediari Finanziari non Bancari), member of the Finest Editorial Board. He was Visiting at IMF (Fondo Monetario Internazionale) (2011). Editor and conference chair at the 2011 International Conference on Financial Intermediation, Competition and Risk organized by International Finance and Banking Society; he is Referee for many journals including Journal of Banking and Finance; he was Editor for Journal of Banking and Finance del  Financial Intermediation, Competition and Risk Special Issue (2012). Before starting his academic career, he worked in ENI financial director in Financial Market and Corporate Bond sector.

Stefano earned a Degree in Business Administration from University of Urbino. He is married with two daughters.