Arianna Bertolani

Arianna Bertolani

Government, Health & Not for Profit

Via Roentgen 1 - Piano II - Stanza C1-07
Tel.+39 02 5836 2509 Fax. +39 02 5836 2598

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Curriculum Vitae

Bertolani Arianna is Junior Lecturer of Government, Health & Not for Profit at SDA Bocconi School of Management.

She collaborated in the implementation and realization of research and training projects in the field of drug policies, market access and economic evaluations. As a member of the Pharmaceutical Observatory (OSFAR) of CeRGAS – SDA Bocconi, she contributes every year to the drafting of a Report that photographs the national and international situation regarding pharmaceutical spending and policy.

Her research is mainly focused on the analysis of pharmaceutical spending (public and private), on the evaluation of the main national and international policies related to the pharmaceutical context, on the analysis of the costs of diseases and on the economic evaluations of health technologies.
Author of several chapters related to health and pharmaceutical spending published on the OASI Report (Osservatorio sulle Aziende e sul Sistema Sanitario Italiano) and some articles published in important international and national journals, such as Global & Regional Health Technology Assessment (GRHTA). Among the most recent: «Politiche del farmaco ed impatto sulla spesa: gli effetti di quindici anni di decentramento nel SSN, con un focus sull’adozione di forme alternative di distribuzione dei farmaci (Rapporto OASI 2017)» and «The hospitalization burden of influenza: just the tip of the iceberg? Influenza-driven admission to hospitals: the Italian case. The hospitalization burden of influenza in Italy (GRHTA 2018)».

After graduating in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at the University of Milan and obtaining a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and Industrial Chemistry at the Politecnico di Milano, Arianna earned a Master in Healthcare Management (MiMS) at SDA Bocconi. Currently, she is SDA Research Fellow and works within the Government, Health and Not for Profit division (GHNP) of SDA Bocconi.