Observatory on Change in Public Administration

Since 2006, SDA Bocconi’s Monitor on Change in Public Administration, OCAP has been the point of reference for researchers, public administration managers and policy makers. Through a series of research activities, in fact, over the year OCAP has become the venue for comparison and debate among public sector academics and experts.


OCAP’s main objective is to support and influence the public administration modernization process. A program that is aimed at the new generations of managers and professionals. One that is addressed through innovative research that is up with the times.


Through OCAP, SDA Bocconi  promotes multidisciplinary studies and comparative researches in two categories:

  • local and national public administrations
  • international and supranational organizations


Against the backdrop of these two categories, OCAP researches various topics:

  • public administration finances, planning and control
  • e-government and technological innovation: where do we stand?
  • investments, project finance and public-private partnerships: between opportunity and critical issues
  • the relationship between the management of public services and political governance of the territory
  • organization and personnel management
  • strategy and planning in public administration

Research Results

The outcome of OCAP activities are shared every year in a white paper published by Egea.