Sport Knowledge Center

The Sport Knowledge Center (SKC) of SDA Bocconi coordinates all the initiatives related to the sport industry and its related field, develops relationships with key players in the sport system, generates knowledge and promotes managerial culture in the international sport context.

Why Sport Knowledge Center

The SKC is an international, independent and privileged center capable of generating knowledge and partnering with key players, engaged in political and economic decision making process for a better sport system.

The sports field involves a wide range of institutions and companies, at both professional and recreational level. As a consequence, sport has a significant economic impact and is becoming more and more influent at social and cultural level. The knowledge is generated by combining different competencies and constantly engaging in new debates to analyze, compare, and propose new social, cultural and economic patterns in sport. 

For all these reasons sport deserves a dedicated approach, through which research and training have the chance to call people, companies and institutions into action.


The SKC works with:

  • Sport System: professional and recreational sport institutions and entities (federations, leagues, committees, clubs and associations of clubs)
  • Corporations: companies, banks and financial institutions providing and financing sport products and services; and that invest in sport for communication, cultural, and educational aims
  • Local Bodies:  sport event organizer that consider sport as a driver for economic, social and tourism development.

The organizations that work with the SKC aim at:

  • Knowing the economic, managerial and social dynamics driving the international sport system
  • Developing and innovating knowledge on sport matters
  • Conducting benchmark analysis on case studies and empirical evidences
  • Having an independent and privileged point of view.


The organizations which have contributed with SKC to the generation of knowledge in the field of sports include: Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), Union of European Football Associations (UEFA), International Golf Federation (IGF), Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano (CONI), Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF), Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio (FIGC), Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy, Qatar Stars League (QSL), FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, Major League Soccer (MLS), United Soccer League (USL), National Basketball Association (NBA), National Basketball Players Association (NBPA), Lega Serie A, LaLiga, Turkish Airlines Euroleague, FC Barcelona, Juventus FC, FC Internazionale Milano, AC Milan, Vero Volley, Ducati , ASM Global, La Gazzetta dello Sport, Sky Sport, Ferrari, Adidas, Red Bull, Technogym, RCS Sport, Opta Sports.


The SKC bases its actions on three main methodological logics:

  • Analysis of major research, case studies, managerial practices about the economic and social dimensions of sport
  • Dialogue with key players by identifying leading organizations and experts who can encourage discussions by gathering ideas and concrete contributions that serve as facilitators in developing the sport economy and management
  • Proposal through:

Research, publications and teaching materials helpful to managers and policy makers

Training initiatives and the sharing of knowledge to learn and develop people

Actions and initiatives to involve the community and develop managerial culture in the society


The uniqueness of the SKC lies in its total integration within a high-profile school of management.

Unlike many other entities, the SKC can rely on a broad knowledge over three different but strongly correlated realities: the sport system, corporations, bodies and institutions.

Therefore, the SKC represents the ideal place where, at the same time, management culture and tools are transferred to the sport system and the sport practice generates value for companies and local bodies.

The SKC generates and promotes knowledge in sport through multiple activities.