Monitor for Circular Fashion

Monitor for Circular Fashion is a multi-stakeholder project involving leading companies in the fashion industry and players in its supply chain. SDA Bocconi’s Sustainability Lab is the project’s scientific partner, while Enel X provides its cross-industry vision to identify circularity KPIs.


Monitor for Circular Fashion rallies virtuous businesses and disseminates the best practices of circular fashion, promoting technical, managerial and scientific skills with a view to contributing to the transition towards circular business models.

Our activities

Monitor for Circular Fashion aims at:

  • analyzing the dynamics in the evolution of the industry and its main sectors, in the next decade;
  • examining the impact of such dynamics, and their alignment to UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Objectives;
  • identifying major qualitative and quantitative indicators in circular fashion;
  • giving voice to the Italian fashion industry by creating a Circular Fashion Manifesto to be presented to institutions and national/international meetings.

Circular Fashion Manifesto


SDA Bocconi Core Team

Francesca Romana Rinaldi

Coordinator, Monitor for Circular Fashion

Francesco Perrini

Director, Sustainability Lab

Valentina Perissinotto


Aristea Saputo


Enel X Team

Nicola Tagliafierro

Head of Sustainability

Silvia Arcieri

Sustainable Product Development

Biagio Olivito

Circular Economy Advisor


Rossella Ravagli

Strategic Advisor

Claudia di Bernardino, Esq.

Legal Counsel

Daniele Denegri

Community Advisor


28 June 2021
Circular Fashion Manifesto, sustainability is no craze
Circular Fashion Manifesto, sustainability is no craze
From the School’s Sustainability Lab to the United Nation’s “Sustainability Pledge”
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25 March 2021
Monitor for Circular Fashion, a new look on sustainable fashion
Monitor for Circular Fashion, a new look on sustainable fashion
SDA Bocconi’s project, powered by Enel X, kicks off
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15 March 2021
A new life for fashion
A new life for fashion
SDA Bocconi Insight - Zoom On
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