Impact Investing

Since 2013, the SDA Bocconi Impact Investing Monitor has been a national and international facility for developing investment projects capable of combining economic and financial sustainability with the production of positive impacts on society.

Thanks to SDA Bocconi's wide-ranging expertise in finance, business strategy, public management, social entrepreneurship, and sustainability, the Impact Investing Monitor aims to help define the boundaries of impact investing and how to measure its economic and social return. It also aims to analyze how impact investing can give rise to public-private and entrepreneurial partnerships by investors who are concerned about the social impact.


SDA Bocconi's Impact Investing Monitor is aimed primarily at entrepreneurs, financial institutions, asset managers and financial advisers, foundations and lending institutions, companies interested in redirecting their traditional Corporate Social Responsibility activities towards Shared Value, policymakers and public managers.

The activities

The activities of the Impact Investing Monitor are based on three main pillars:

  1. analysis of the impact investing phenomenon, identifying best practices, and the production of scientific and informative publications to influence stakeholders
  2. action-oriented research reports to provide customers and partners with practical elements with which to implement impact strategies
  3. organization of workshops, seminars and cross-functional training initiatives for undergraduate, graduate, MBA, and specialized master students, to promote the culture and knowledge of impact investing.


Since 2013, the Impact Investing Monitor has organized three cycles of seminars dedicated to investors, entrepreneurs, and policymakers. It has participated in numerous events and forums on the subject and has organized several sessions at international scientific conferences (Academy of Management and International Research Society for Public Management).

The Monitor has been engaged in providing training for SDA Bocconi Masters and Executive Masters programs and has assumed, on behalf of SDA Bocconi, the scientific coordination of the MIINT Competition dedicated to MBA students organized in collaboration with Wharton.

It has also produced several commissioned studies on the implementation of impact investing strategies and has supported the G8 Social Impact Investment Taskforce.

The Impact Investing Monitor is currently part of the scientific panel of the Social Impact Agenda for Italy.

Our team

The Monitor's scientific director is Veronica Vecchi who is supported by Francesca Casalini in her role as coordinator. Niccolò Cusumano and Manuela Brusoni contribute to the Impact Investing Monitor's training program.


Since 2013, the Impact Investing Monirot research team has produced several informative and scientific publications:

  1. Public-private (plural) partnership for the delivery of superior social value: the case of Social Impact Bond, paper submitted to Annals of Public and Cooperative Economics magazine in 2018
  2. Principles and Practice of Impact Investing - A catalytic revolution, international curatorship published in 2016 by Greenleaf - Routledge
  3. Impact Investing: a new asset class or a societal refocus of Venture Capital?, chapter published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2015
  4. Impact Investing: An Evolution of CSR or a New Playground?, chapter published by Information Age Publishing in 2015
  5. Olte Venture The First Italian Impact Investment Fund, a case published in the Case Centre Collection in 2014.