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The SEE Lab organizes a global annual conference, including a presentation of the advancements of SEE Lab’s activities. In partnership with the Secure World Foundation and the Space Policy Institute, the SEE Lab also organizes two yearly workshops, one in Europe and one in the United States.







  • Annual SEE Lab conferences “Space Tourism” – June 2019


  • Seminary Milan “The use of lunar space resources” – July 2019



  • Workshop Milan “Mining the Moon for profit” – March 2019
    The workshop adopted a holistic approach to the discussion of space resources utilization on the Moon, considering scientific, technical, economic, and policy and legal factors that will influence evolution of space activities beyond Earth orbit. The scope of the workshop was to present the opportunities and challenges of projects that may materialize over the next ten years and beyond.






  • Annual SEE Lab conference

The international conference discussed with representatives of European Space Institutions, other space faring nations’ institutions, academia, industries, and successful entrepreneurs the evolution of the Space Economy, future global challenges, new territories and foreseeable future opportunities.