The LIFT Lab organization promotes a network approach to knowledge creation. Activating the strongest knowledge nodes in its network, the LIFT lab can constantly cover the following activities:

  • Assessing the life science transformation investments and economics
  • Studying the digital technology and life sciences convergence to support business transformation
  • Creating a life sciences technology roadmap
  • Evaluating the business impact of life sciences technologies
  • Defining models, methods, tools and measurements to leverage life sciences and health transformation
  • Assessing your organization’s life sciences transformation readiness
  • Defining business strategy and operations to leverage new technologies and business models.

LIFT Radar

The LIFT Lab Radar is a tool to evaluate the impact, ecosystem and dynamics of life sciences technology solutions for mid-to large-size enterprises supporting top executives in the company’s decision-making processes.


The LIFT Radar is the final output of a methodological process, in collaboration with the M.I.T. and a dedicated team of domain and legal experts, structured to ensure:


  • Full awareness of the state of the art of life science trendsfor the national economic context
  • Updated view of emerging life science technologiesacross all industries
  • Clear taxonomy of the technological landscape
  • An objectiveand scientific approach to technology assessment.


The LIFT Radar provides:

  • An accurate descriptionof the LIFT Radar scouting and assessment methodology
  • reference frameworkto rationalize the much-hyped world of digital technologies
  • A detailed card for each positioned technology application, presenting the precise score on all assessment dimensions and their qualitative explanation.


A new LIFT Radar is released every year. New releases are accessible only to the LIFT Lab Founding Members for 6 months, until the following edition.

Vertical Research

Founding Members can submit specific research topics they are eager to explore, either focused on a specific technology or with a broader and cross-technology perspective, and fund a dedicated research stream, additional to the continuous research activities of LIFT Lab.

Custom Services

The LIFT Lab addresses specific customers' and sponsors’ needs providing a set of customized services and research formats.


A preliminary list of custom services includes:


  • Initiatives (vertical researches on specific topics)
  • Case studies
  • Decision frameworks
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Case based validated research
  • Design of converged value propositions.