The Wine Management Monitor within the SDA Bocconi Food & Beverage Management Lab analyzes and monitors the competitiveness of Italian wine and the evolution of Italian Style throughout the world with regard to the food & beverage market. In this scenario, wine is the ultimate protagonist from many points of view. First of all, wine reproduces the distinctive characteristics of Made in Italy, on both a national and international level; it represents a universally recognized “icon” that is capable of stimulating the entire country system; and, finally, it highlights the typical traits of Italy and the authenticity of its products.


Currently, the market sees Italian wine dominating other products because it highlights the territory from which it originates and is capable of meeting various objectives such as quality, quantity, turnover and profitability.


Why Wine Management Monitor?

The Wine Management Monitor’s objective is to spread experiences, knowledge and skills through careful monitoring and analysis of the supply chain and the economic and cultural system that has developed around the product.

The Activities

The Wine Management Monitor supports Italy’s wineries in the challenge to internationalize. How? By involving private organizations, businesses and institutions within the wine supply chain in the research and development process.


Various topics are covered. Particularly, brand identity, market positioning, organization of the supply chain and business expansion activities, consumer trends and market segmentation, price bands and dynamics, cost structure and productivity analyses, and distribution channel structure and strategies.

The Monitor monitors the international consumption scenario and competitiveness of the Italian offering through qualitative surveys on a sample of millennials to better understand the outlook for the future through the opinions of tomorrow’s consumers; measurement and analysis of the business models and marketing strategies of the current main wine producers; discussion panels involving the most important international opinion leaders, in collaboration with the Italian Trade Commission - ICE, to understand the perception of Italian wine in foreign markets.


Wine Management Monitor provides specialist growth support for all players within the supply chain. In particular, research reports which are also provided online; benchmarking and potential market competitiveness; thematic workshops aimed at providing updates and in-depth information; market reports to monitor actions.


Among the collateral activities provided by the SDA Bocconi Wine Management Monitor are the various training experiences. For example, thematic course designed in collaboration with the Italian Sommelier Association - three days of food & beverage marketing.



Every year, the SDA Bocconi Wine Management Monitor organizes events in which the most important aspects currently facing the wine market are addressed. Below are some of the more recent topics:

Every year, the SDA Bocconi Wine Management Monitor organizes events in which the most important aspects currently facing the wine market are addressed2018


  • Is variety an asset? The value of Italian wine, between brands, products and territories
    Panelists: Alessandro Minichilli (Director of Research, “Claudio Dematté” Corporate and Financial Institutions Division), Andrea Rea, Armando Cirrincione, Roberta De Sanctis, Guia Pirotti ( SDA Bocconi Wine Management Monitor), Anna Flavia Pascarelli (Director of the Agri-food and Wine Office - Italian Trade Commission ICE), Emilio Pedron (CEO – Cantine Bertani), Riccardo Ricci Curbastro (Chairman - Federdoc), Mauro Coatti (Head of Technical Support- Syngenta Italia S.p.A.), Piero Garbellotto (CEO - G & P Garbellotto S.p.A.), Giovanni Saudati (Sales Director - O-I S.p.A.).



  • The absence of the consumer from store shelves: wine beyond the product-price pairing

Panelists: Alessandro Minichilli (Director of Research, Claudio Dematté Corporate and Financial Institutions Division), Andrea Rea, Armando Cirrincione, Roberta De Sanctis, Guia Pirotti (SDA Bocconi Wine Management Monitor), Raffaele Boscaini (Marketing Director - Masi Agricola S.p.A.), Gianluca Gargano (Chairman - Velier S.p.A.), Paolo Graziani (Purchasing Director - Coop Consorzio Nord Ovest), Guido Iannone (General Manager - Nuceria Group), Claudio Lepore (Sales Manager – Guala Closures), Fabio Mureddu (Entrepreneur - Mureddu Sugheri), Federico Pinna (Founder – Foodation).


  • The Italian way of international leadership: an outlook on wine

Panelists: Armando Cirrincione, Roberta De Sanctis, Andrea Rea (Wine Management Monitor), Beppe Soda (Dean of SDA Bocconi), Giorgio dell’Orefice (Journalist at Sole24ore), Luca Bianchi (Head of the Agri-food Quality Department  - Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies), Raffaele Borriello (Managing Director of the Institute of Services for the Agricultural Food Market), Sandro Boscaini (Chairman - Federvini), Riccardo Cotarella (Chairman - Assoenologi), Antonio Rallo (Chairman - Unione Italiana Vini), Michele Scannavini (Chairman - Italian Trade Promotion Agency).

Our Team

The SDA Bocconi Wine Management Monitor is led by an advisory board whose members are:


  • Michele Scannavini Chairman of ICE - Italian Trade Promotion Agency
  • Ernesto Abbona, Chairman of UIV – Italian Wines Association
  • Sandro Boscaini, Chairman of Federvini
  • Riccardo Cotarella, Chairman of AIE – Assoenologi
  • Raffaele Borriello, Managing Director of ISMEA
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies - Mipaaf.


The Steering Committee is led by Andrea Rea, Head of research. He is supported by professors Armando CirrincioneRoberta De Sanctis and Guia Pirotti.


The SDA Bocconi Wine Management Monitor relies on its partnerships with numerous sponsors:


  • Guala Closures Group
  • Syngenta
  • Glass of Life
  • Mureddu Sugheri
  • Nuceria group
  • Garbellotto
  • Banca centro padana.
About us


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  • Franciacorta 2027: “Un dibattito per progettare il futuro” – L’Albereta, Franciacorta
  • 1st Milan marketing festival: “La marca Italiana nel mondo” – Milan
  • Follo Artù: “Il vino italiano nel mercato globale” – Milan
  • Grape quality agreement community: “Orientamenti strategici delle aziende italiane” – Verona



  • Agricultural institute of San Michele all’Adige: “I grandi vini italiani, un patrimonio da conservare e da valorizzare, San Michele all'Adige - Fondazione Mach”
  • National governing board of UIV - Italian Wines Assosiation: “Il valore del vino tra brand privati e territoriali” – Cantine Frescobaldi.



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