Investing in Agribusiness

To invest in agribusiness, it is essential to identify the strategic areas, parameters and time horizons. This sector, in fact, which is also attracting private equity funds and venture capital, has a large variety of players in terms of size, business and objectives.


Future Farm Management

Despite the large investments made over the last decade, today many farms are fighting for their survival. Research can provide valid support by increasing per acre productivity through technology, and by providing protection from unpredictable market risk thanks to innovative financial instruments and new forms of insurance.


Big Data, Precision Farming and Disruptive Technologies

Creating value from the data collected is the premise upon which precision agriculture is based. In fact, precision farming is based on the ability to collect and use data from multiple sources, satellites, drones, field sensors, and connect them to machines that are increasingly automated and efficient.


Supply chain collaboration and productive networks

Which forms of collaboration in the supply chain allow businesses to protect their distinctive “Made in Italy” characteristics, and produce value for all the players involved? What are the success factors in the  supply chain agreements and business networks in Italy?


Profitability, sustainability and revaluation of land

After 50 years of intense farming that was not environmentally sustainable, the time has come to identify new management styles, products and solutions that continue to increase production, but at the same time,  are able to preserve the ecosystems and the rural areas that are characteristics of our country, increasing the biological and land value.


Italian Excellence

Italian excellence in the food and beverage sector is the subject of a study that specifically focuses on the business dynamics, common business models and the sources of competitive advantage of Italian companies.


“Being casual, being premium” 

Premiumization is the ability of businesses to create superior products and make them accessible to a broad base of consumers thanks to a differentiation strategy that is capable of satisfying different needs. The “Being casual, being premium" research project analyzes the factors that in the food retail and food services sector lead to an increased ability of being premium. The question posed by the survey is, in fact: “What are the characteristics that make some businesses more attentive to premiumization, and therefore more aware of what the final consumer wants?”

Our training

In fact, the Food & Beverage Management Lab has numerous training opportunities: from the Master of Management in Food & Beverage, which is a unique, innovative and highly specialized international program for training managers who can be employed in companies operating in the F&B sector, to the Agribusiness Management Development Program, which aims to provide useful and practical tools for the organization, management and development of agri-food companies.
The Food & Beverage Management Lab designs numerous innovative and valuable custom initiatives. An example of this is the "Altagamma Academy", which offers management of the Altagamma companies a new training online program in terms of concept and method of use.