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Food & Beverage Management Lab

The topic of study of the SDA Bocconi Food & Beverage Management Lab is Italian food & beverage excellence. The results of the Lab’s research have led to the creation of managerial practices which have allowed companies within the sector - such as farms, companies involved in transformation, distribution, food service and food retailing - to strengthen their territorial identity in Italy and abroad and expand their ability to innovate while focusing on environmental sustainability.

Why Food & Beverage Management Lab

In Italy today, more than in any other country, the food and beverage sector is renowned for its excellence and offers business opportunities that have not yet been fully developed. With increasing global competition, the SDA Bocconi Food & Beverage Management Lab allows companies within the sector to find highly effective business solutions, included adopting a supply chain approach.


The SDA Bocconi Food & Beverage Management Lab is engaged in, including through its four Monitors, research, studies and analyses on behalf of sector businesses that aim to increase their business through the acquisition of economic and managerial knowledge.

Management structure

The Director of the SDA Bocconi Food & Beverage Management Lab is Vittoria Veronesi. The research team consists of Vitaliano Fiorillo, Guia Pirotti, Andrea Rea and Vittoria Veronesi.