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The activities

High Impact Technologies Radar: identify and assess high impact technologies
The HIT Radar is a tool to evaluate the impact, ecosystem and dynamics of digital technology solutions for
mid- to large-size enterprises and is aimed at supporting top executives in the company’s decision-making

The HIT Radar is the final output of a 4-phase methodological process, in collaboration with the
Design Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and a dedicated team of legal experts,
structured to ensure:
- Full awareness of the state of the art of technology trends for the national economic context
- Updated view of emerging technologies across all industries
- Clear taxonomy of the technological landscape
- Objective and scientific approach to technology assessment.

The HIT Radar provides:
- An accurate description of the HIT Radar scouting and assessment methodology
- A reference framework to rationalize the much-hyped world of digital technologies
- A detailed card for each positioned technology, presenting the precise score on all assessment
dimensions and their qualitative explanation
A new HIT Radar is released every 6 months. New releases are accessible only to the DEVO Lab Members for 6 months, until the following edition.

Yearly Researches

Additionally to the HIT Radar, the DEVO Lab carries out annual research streams on the hottest tech trends affecting the business world.

Every year, the DEVO Lab proposes to its Founding Members a research catalogue, comprehensive of several research proposals to be implemented throughout the following year.

The annual researches may be either:
- an in-depth focus on a specific cluster or technology and its business applications (e.g. Exploiting Blockchain)
- a cross-technology study of economic and managerial impacts related to selected trends and phenomena (e.g. Digital Impact)

Yearly Researches 2018 focuses on:
- Blockchain enabled business, organization and governance models
- How to exploit Artificial Intelligence
- How to design and implement the Edge Organization
- How to manage a Digital Transformation Program: evidences from in-depth case studies

Vertical Researches

Individually or in small groups, Founding Members can present specific research topics they are eager to explore, either focused on a specific technology or with a broader and cross-technology perspective, and fund a dedicated research stream, in addition to the continuous research activities of DEVO Lab.
Example vertical research streams within the DEVO Lab include:
- Fabbrica Contemporanea, mastering digital in high-end value industries – Brunello Cucinelli
- Digital Manufacturing – SAP
- The Future Retail Bank Branch - The AvantGarde Group & Cisco
- DataRobotics Lab: building a roadmap for intelligent process automation (IPA) – Reply
- Digital Transformation of Insurance companies – Teradata