DEVO Lab | SDA Bocconi School of Management


Digitization is an undeniable and irreversible trend in the business landscape. Companies find themselves deciding whether to "undergo" the effects of digitization, adapting to the best, or whether to guide the process by leveraging digital technologies to drive business transformation.

Based on its multidisciplinary approach, SDA Bocconi is perfectly positioned to exhaustively address the subject of Digital Transformation of companies and enterprises. Consistently, DEVO Lab offers the competencies and capabilities necessary to fully support a digital transformation program, leveraging on research initiatives and in-depth studies focused on the most relevant subjects for managers coping with the Digital Transformation of their organizations.

Why DEVO Lab?

The aim of DEVO Lab is to bring together diversified perspectives, experiences and backgrounds to consistently assess the business implications of digital technologies and the value generation they can enable, The Lab’s activities rely on a Digital Manifesto based on 5 principles:

1. Respect technologies

2. Acknowledge that technological competences are rare and expensive

3. Remember the fundamental economic rules

4. Be a savvy adopter

5. Diffuse an innovative attitude throughout the whole organization.


DEVO Lab merges the ideas and insights coming from applied researches and field projects, carried out in collaboration with a broad and multidisciplinary community of professionals that take part in the DEVO Lab’s Think Tank.

Stakeholders directly involved in the Lab’s activities can be segmented on the basis of a digital market perspective. Considering the digital market from a demand-side perspective, DEVO Lab’s stakeholders are all managers and executives interested in starting or accelerating the path towards digital transformation of their organizations. Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Telco & Media, Retail & Distribution, Pure Digital Players are the most represented
macro-industries. From a supply-side perspective, DEVO Lab’s stakeholders are professionals working for consulting firms, system integrators and technology providers interested in establishing their offer of products and services as the backbone of the digital enterprise.

Other stakeholders include:
- young practitioners, senior managers and experienced executives taking part in both open
and custom education initiatives, as well as participants involved in SDA Bocconi’s Master Programs. SDA Bocconi’s attendees have a privileged access to DEVO Lab’s findings, once they become teaching materials and managerial tools;
- managers and executives that can access the DEVO Lab’s research outputs by submitting a formal request to one of the Lab’s Members;
- academic and practice oriented scholars interested in the fields of digital technology management, digital transformation, digital innovation, management information systems, that are exposed to DEVO Lab’s publications.