DEVO Lab | SDA Bocconi School of Management
Digitization is an undeniable and irreversible trend in the business landscape. Companies find themselves deciding whether to "undergo" the effects of digitization, adapting to some “mythical” best practices, or to ead the process directly by leveraging the most advanced digital technologies and thus addressing their own business transformation.

BThanks to its multidisciplinary approach and leveraging on research initiatives and in-depth studies focused on the most relevant subjects for managers coping with digital in their organizations, the DEVO Lab offers all the skills and capabilities needed to fully support a Digital Transformation process.

What Is DEVO Lab?

The DEVO Lab is a research and executive education laboratory founded and sponsored by over 30 companies. The aim of the DEVO Lab is to bring together diversified perspectives, experiences and backgrounds to consistently assess the business implications of digital technologies and the value generation they can enable.

The DEVOLab promotes what we define as a PostDigital mindset. The purpose is supporting executives to develop a mature and aware approach to digital transformation, making them able to understand as early as possible the opportunities and risks related to emerging technologies, escaping hype and overrated expectations.


The DEVO Lab is a matching platform able to align the interests and expectations of all players of the digital market:

  • managers and executives interested in starting or accelerating the path towards digital transformation of their organizations. Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing, Financial Services, Telco & Media, Retail & Distribution, Pure Digital Players are the most represented macro-industries;

  • professionals working for consulting firms, system integrators and technology providers interested in establishing their offer of products and services as the backbone of the digital enterprise;

  • young practitioners, senior managers and experienced executives taking part in both open and custom education initiatives, as well as participants involved in SDA Bocconi’s Master Programs.

SDA Bocconi’s attendees have a privileged access to DEVO Lab’s findings, once they become teaching materials and managerial tools.


The DEVO Lab leverages a partnership with the MIT Design Lab to scout emerging technological trends and to bring a frontier perspective to all its research streams. A MIT report on disruptive technologies is shared every six/twelve months with all the DEVO Members.