The activities

There are two categories of activities designed by the Corporate Governance Lab:


  • Interdependent activities

1) custom training on governance models

2) specific activities for Corporate Governance Lab partners

3) ad hoc research on topics of interest to companies, financial institutions, public and private organizations

  • Synergistic activities

1) research on the various forms of business and governance through the use of the Lab Observatories on the reference populations on a national and international level
2) Open Market training on governance models

3) conventions and events organized by and for all stakeholders


The SDA Bocconi Corporate Governance Lab organizes all its interdependent and synergistic activities based on three primary reference points:


  • multidisciplinary development: the background of the faculty members enriches the participants with different skills
  • constant comparison between the activities of the School and those of the businesses: CEOs, professionals, academics, policy makers and business leaders take on fundamental roles within program
  • research activity based in turn on three parameters: rigor, innovation and practical relevance.
SDA Bocconi Corporate Governance Lab research

Starting from the three parameters of rigor, innovation and practical relevance, the Corporate Governance Lab makes reference to a single numerical base: the ecosystem of all those Italian enterprises that exceed 20 million Euro turnover per year.  In particular:


  • around 10,400 family owned companies
  • around 900 coalition owned companies
  • around 350 financial companies - banks and insurance companies


The research, which is based on this data, is enriched by a series of training activities:


  • an in depth study of the role and the skills of a company’s directors with regard to governance, starting with the SDA Bocconi Open Market executive course “for non-executive and independent directors: roles, skills and responsibilities” (inserire link)
  • attendance to the SDA Bocconi Open Market course “Governance for the success of unlisted companies"
  • participation in the "Board Practice” training program which is aimed at members of the board of directors and to the members of the board of statutory auditors of the main Italian Banks
  • one-to-one training for public administrators and mayors
  • a comparison of the governance systems of the so-called homogeneous sub-populations: from owners to top management
  • an analysis of the outsider director: from the profile types to the opportunities and the weaknesses
  • a comparison between the Italian system and those used in other countries.
Our Training

In fact, the Corporate Governance Lab has numerous training measures. From custom initiatives, such as benchmarks, assessments and induction activities, to conferences aimed at all stakeholders such as the annual presentations of the Observatories and the conferences dedicated to associations.