Center for Research on Health and Social Care Management


Six research Monitors were created within CERGAS:

  • OCCP - the Observatory on Chronic Diseases and Primary Care conducts topical research capable of producing theories and contents that are shared by both the health institutions, and by major representatives of the international academic world
  • MASAN – Observatory on Management of Public Procurement and contracts in Health Care monitors public health procurement, helping public and private stakeholders to identify innovative models for effective management
  • OASI – Observatory on Healthcare Organizations and Policies in Italy collects and interprets data relating to the performance of the Italian health service, comparing the health systems of the various regions of Italy, and the Italian one with those of other European Countries
  • OCPS –  Observatory on Privately Financed Health Consumption monitors healthcare products and services purchased by families, businesses and non-public groups
  • OSFAR – the Pharmaceutical Observatory collects data on public and private pharmaceutical expenditure on an international, national and regional level which it then publishes in an annual report.
  • OSPA – Observatory on Accredited Healthcare Providers monitors and analyzes the public expenditure for health services provided by private companies, and compares the offerings of the various Italian regions.