Africa Lab aims to contribute to the development of sustainable investments and business opportunities in the African continent with a specific focus on the energy and health sectors through research activities, training and events. 

Why Africa Lab?

Africa is experiencing dynamic growth in terms of population and economics. To cope with this situation, many countries and companies are investing in innovations to foster sustainable development on the continent. Africa Lab contributes with the knowledge, competence and skills of SDA Bocconi School of Management to the development of business opportunities, entrepreneurial initiatives and investments required for the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Africa Lab focuses mainly on two areas which are considered key for Africa’s future:


  • Energy: the energy sector has a strategic role in a country’s development and represents a link with the majority of the other UN SDGs. Today, there are 600 million Africans living without access to electricity and this number is expected to grow due to a projected population increase in the coming years. From these needs derive an increasing attention from private and/or public companies and institutions to invest in activities and energy projects in the African continent.


  • Health: health and welfare levels are key indicators of a country’s sustainable development and today represent a main priority. The lack of an efficient health system is connected to different threats such as gender inequality, poverty, high mortality rate and economic instability. The needs and priorities of developing countries are different from those of the rest of the World and, although some progress has recently been made, Africa’s challenges in the health sector require global commitment and strategic investment.


In this contest, SDA Bocconi Africa Lab contributes to the growth opportunities of the continent through activities aimed at attracting and encouraging national and international investments.