Corporate Finance and Real Estate

In corporate finance and in the real estate sector, it is essential, in an extremely dynamic and competitive economic environment, to strengthen your skills. Knowledge of innovative models, the opportunity to enhance one's ability to think strategically and to develop a more pragmatic approach can make the difference.
The Corporate finance & Real estate knowledge group of SDA Bocconi is focused on pursuing corporate value creation in compliance with ethical principles, taking advantage of internal and external growth opportunities, through the effective and efficient management of financial strategies, risks, investments and financing.
The primary knowledge areas offered are:

  • investments valuation & capital budgeting
  • corporate valuation
  • valuation of commercial real estate and development projects feasibility studies
  • financing policies and financial structure
  • real estate finance
  • planning & control and treasury management
  • private capital: venture capital, private equity and private debt
  • fintech
  • finance for innovation (IP & R&D financing)
  • M&A and value creation
  • restructuring & turnaround
  • characteristics and regulatory aspects of financial systems and markets
  • real estate private equity funds and REITs
  • strategic real estate asset, development and portfolio management
  • corporate governance
  • corporate social responsibility

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