Historical monuments, museums, libraries, archeological sites, theaters, any kind of cultural festivals and events, the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites: any list of Italy’s artistic and cultural assets is bound to be incomplete. The ability of managing, organizing and promoting in line with this world-class heritage cannot be improvised. You need to build competence, method and scientific rigor and a network of strategic connections, thus making the management of culture a true multiplier of civic and economic development.
The Arts & Culture Knowledge Center is an international, independent and privileged center capable of generating knowledge and partnering with key players in the public, private and not-for-profit sector, at any level, engaged in policy and management decision-making to improve the quality and the impact of cultural systems in Italy and abroad. The Arts & Culture Knowledge Center provides a dedicated approach, enabling research and training to call people, companies and institutions into action.


Arts & Culture Knowledge Center

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