Digital Strategies Roundtable

Oct, 2021

Milan, Italy- Hosted by SDA Bocconi


The increasingly rapid development of digital technologies in recent years had a profound impact on corporate IT, as have changing business conditions. Corporate digital transformation implies adopting new business models and revamping old ones, but this transition is slow and resource intensive. New digital possibilities are changing the workplace as well, and the Covid pandemic has further highlighted an increasingly radical shift towards a hybrid virtual-physical model. At the same time, the growth of corporate “digital” in various places in the enterprise created new challenges. Cybersecurity has become increasingly important and many companies see it now as an independent unit, but in most cases it remains closely linked to IT in a relationship that is not always balanced. The IT workforce needs ever more training to cope with the need for new and different skills, and keeping employees fully engaged in the company is a challenge. Last but not least, technological diversity and the rapidly developing vendor scene make it difficult to choose reliable partners to accompany the company on this journey.


This roundtable will focus on two main areas: technology developments over the last few and next couple of years and what they mean for us, and the opportunities and challenges of today’s enterprise IT. The second of these will include organizational structure and governance, changed relationships with various elements of the business, different issues related to funding and budgets, increased need for talent and training to both keep things fresh and build expertise, and the management of a myriad of diverse vendors.