Corporate Information Security Roundtable

Kah-Kin Ho


Kah-­Kin Ho joined FireEye in April 2016 as Senior Director for EMEA Public Sector of FireEye. In this  role, Kah-­ Kin is responsible for the development of FireEye’s EMEA Public Sector strategy to help  government customers improve their cyber security maturity. He also provides thought leadership on  strategic cyber security issues such as global power balance, international law, public-­private  partnership, etc.

Prior to this, Kah-­Kin had been with Cisco for 20 years in various leadership positions and in his  role as the Head of Strategic Security, a position he had held since January 2014, he played a key  role in developing and shaping Cisco’s strategic positioning in security that aligns with customer  requirements. He has also served in the Advisory group of EUROPOL European Cyber Crime Center (EC3)  and taught Cyber Security Strategy and Policy at ETH Zürich.

His other passion is in Counter Terrorism where he spent 18 months starting 2009 on counter terrorism  research with a focus on mitigating impact of terrorist incidents. Current interest areas are in  radicalization and intelligence failure.

Prior to this, Kah-­Kin was a Solution Architect in the Global Government Solutions Group working on  large Defense programs in Asia Pacific and Europe. In addition, Kah-­Kin has spent 4 years working  with Defense System Integrators to jointly develop communications solution for the Tactical Battlefield.  Kah-­Kin has also filed 2 US Patents on IP Networking protocols.

Kah-­Kin graduated with honors from the State University of New York at Buffalo with Bachelor and Master  of Science degrees in Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. He also has a  Master’s degree in Security Policy and Crisis Management from ETH Zürich.