Corporate Information Security Roundtable

Christy Emma Peel

Director of Interoperability and Compliance


An Information Security professional with over 12 years’ worth experience, Emma is an analytical problem-solver who uses her in-depth tech know-how to connect business processes and security system designs.


Emma actively collaborates with cyber-security startups as an advisor to help them create a loophole-free security road-map with proven foresight. Previously, Emma functioned as a Global Information Security Officer at a global life sciences organization. Emma’s executive responsibilities included:

  • Implementation of tools, practices, and procedures to analyse, report, and manage internal or external risks to the operational environment.
  • Strategize and maintain a system for responsive and successful risk management.
  • Assist organisations to meet compliances, internal regulations, and strategic imperatives.


Emma systematically liaises with the core IT team to manage information risks by identifying, evaluating, mitigating, and monitoring operational or strategic hazards to the organisation’s information security. She dynamically contributes to the design and functional structure of the cyber-security setup for safe operations without undermining efficiency.


A notable track record with multiple successful implementations of cyber-security protocols and compliances, Emma is a leading expert in the field of IT security and relative applications at organisational grassroots.