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In less than a decade the real estate sector has undergone a major transformation: the new regulatory framework has favored the process of real estate financing, leading to the birth of project finance, securitization transactions and real estate funds. At the same time, the current crisis makes it even more important to adopt an increasingly rigorous approach to the management of real estate companies.


The entry into the market of new players, domestic and foreign, from asset management companies to numerous specialized consulting firms, has led to the demand for new professional figures (such as financial directors for construction companies, professional real estate managers, marketing & sales directors, assets, property, and facility managers, and so on). The ongoing evolution requires the presence of increasingly advanced organizational, entrepreneurial, and managerial skills, and, therefore, the need to resort to more sophisticated professional figures and analysis tools, through diversified but at the same time adequately integrated skills.

The Programs and the Skills
The Programs and the Skills

Our training offer aims to provide an articulated and complete vision of the new analysis techniques and tools borrowed from the financial markets and from marketing to professionals in the real estate sector as well, those who until yesterday worked on the basis of experience acquired in the field, and who today need a more in-depth technical background.

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We learned new ways of creating a competitive advantage in Real Estate. In fact, retail and hospitality are integrating trends to develop new offers to involve not only shoppers, but the environment as well.

Brissy Xavier
Strategy Direction - EPADESA

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