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For over 30 years we have worked alongside administrations and public companies, providing training to support the development of management skills and the ability to drive change.


Today the challenge for public administrations is to be able to read, interpret and govern increasingly sophisticated needs in a complex and constantly evolving context. The effectiveness of their actions therefore depends on their ability to redefine their boundaries and organizational and operating methods to ensure the achievement of economic and social development objectives. This requires an evolution of public management, called upon to define policies and to govern and monitor their implementation processes, and to define and implement contracts with private companies, profit and non-profit, who are progressively more involved in the management of public services.


Powered by scientific research and projects that support administrations, our training programs are constantly being renewed to:

  • Enhance the managerial skills needed to ensure management efficiency and effectiveness
  • Understand the processes of change taking place at national and international level, and identify the most appropriate management models, also through multiple forms of public-private collaboration
  • Develop leadership, maximize high potential, and provide opportunities to share and capitalize on experiences
The Programs And The Skills
The Programs And The Skills

The training offer is designed to meet the most current managerial and professional needs, both of the public administrations and companies, and of the private operators and professionals who work alongside them.


The programs are designed to guarantee a stimulating and unique training experience aimed not only at offering managerial tools and answers to daily operational problems, but also a context rich in professional and intellectual stimuli thanks to the interaction with participants and experts.

What participants say about us

It is a course of the highest level that has aroused curiosity, a desire for learning, and experimentation.

Fabio Marelli
Director Aqueduct Division – MM Spa | Participant The New Process Manager

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