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Relationships are a source of knowledge, and the exchange of experiences are a key factor to learning: these have always represented the training approach at SDA Bocconi.


The professionals who operate in the organizational and human resources context have an increasingly more essential role in supporting a business.


In particular, the most recent research suggests that they are facing the following challenges: they must play the role of strategic partner to anticipate organizational needs; promote diversity within the company throughout all the HR processes, from recruiting and selection to assessment and remuneration; use data analytics to support workforce planning and talent management; offer employees more flexible work modes, thanks also to the new digital environments.


We put our experience and the results of our intensive research activity at the service of the participants, to build together an environment that supports the development of new managerial skills, the creation of innovative organizational models, and favors a strategic approach to HR.

The Programs And The Skills
The Programs And The Skills

The programs, developed for professionals who operate within the human resources and organizational contexts, are designed to support them in developing all those skills that are useful to take on these and other challenges, and to play the role of agents of change within the organizations.

What participants say about us

It was a very productive experience in terms of topics and ideas to be introduced to your own work context. I was able to meet more experienced colleagues, with whom I exchanged experiences and common ideas.

Armando Masini
HR Manager & Legal Representative - ALK-Abelló S.p.A.

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