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The ability to effectively and efficiently manage the processes of purchasing, production, logistics, and technological innovation has always been the basis of competitiveness for industrial, commercial, and service companies.


In the current scenario, moreover, this ability must be enriched by a focus on networking, by a global approach to problem-solving, and by a strategic vision of the impact that the industrial and technological choices have on a company’s system.

The Programs and The Skills
The Programs and The Skills

At SDA Bocconi we carry out research and training on topics regarding the management of purchasing, production, logistics, supply chain, new product development, and services processes. We adopt a systemic vision that allows participants to both consolidate their baggage of specific skills within a function, and expand upon it and enrich it in a cross-functional perspective.

What participants say about us

For the first time I understood the true importance of the economic and financial aspects to control the supply chain.

Gianluca Sperone
Magneti Marelli - Supply Chain & Logistic Manager | Participant Executive Program in Supply Chain Management

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