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Calendar: Oct 6, 2020 - Oct 9, 2020 (2 Days)

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The course aims at illustrating how to design, improve and manage operations in the context of International Development. It provides a comprehensive framework of methodologies and practices that can be adopted to diagnose and continuously improve core and support processes in order to achieve operational excellence. The course also explores the important challenges linked to logistics and management of operations in international organizations, focusing on humanitarian and peacekeeping operations logics and mechanisms.


This program can be taken as part of the ETGN network (European & Transnational Governance Network). To do so, please write "ETGN" in the notes of the enrollment form when registering for the program. For any question on ETGN network please contact Professor Greta Nasi (greta.nasi@unibocconi.it).

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Program Agenda
2 days

2 days in Face-to-Face: 6 October (9.15-16.45), 8 October (13.30-16.45), 9 October (9.15-12.30)

What you'll be working on
What you'll be working on

The course will address the following topics:

• Global supply chain management in international humanitarian context and main differences with commercial supply chain. 
• Change Management in large-scale operations: shifting from aid to assistance and the continuum between humanitarian and development.
• Emerging trends: IoT, applications of "BlockChain" and "Cash and Voucher" transfers.
• Lean management and main principles in order to assess the operations processes and identify improvement areas. Main practices frequently adopted by lean companies will be also provided.

Throughout the course, case studies from leading humanitarian and development organizations will be presented and discussed.


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Who is it for


The course is addressed to professionals with 5+ years of professional experience, fluent in English and interested in strenghtening their understanding of operations management in the context of International Development.The programme is also suitable for teams engaged in change management. Together they can gain a common understanding of the challenge of leadership and explore tools and techniques to push through change projects or to design the organisation of the future along with the execution of the strategy.


Operations management in International Development is essential to reach those affected by natural and man-made disasters. This requires a strenghtened capacity to manage complex networks of sourcing, contracting and delivering  goods and services. This course will provide you with tools and methodologies to tackle country-specific aspects and will provide you with the opportunity to learn from the experience of leaders driving innovation in the context of humanitarian aid.


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Alexander Maximilian Hiedemann
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At the end of the inititative, each participant will receive a certificate of attendance

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Standard working hours are from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm (CET)

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