The recent economic crisis and the rethinking of the new welfare models have given renewed importance to the non-profit sector, whose enterprises, now more than ever before, are called upon to ensure greater efficiency in the operating and management models of human and financial resources in order to sustain the effectiveness of their action.


New skills are required to find innovative solutions in response to increasingly complex needs, and to measure results and impacts that are an increasingly determining factor in attracting capital, both the more traditional philanthropic ones and the more innovative ones of venture philanthropy.


SDA Bocconi has been a point of reference for managerial training in the non-profit sector for twenty years now, offering skills, knowledge, and tools to accompany its managers in facing new challenges, and the professionals in the traditional private sector in reconverting their own managerial skills to find new opportunities for development in the non-profit sector.

The Programs And The Skills
The Programs And The Skills

SDA Bocconi’s training offers aim to strengthen the management skills of non-profit companies, and to provide new techniques and tools in the most crucial areas, such as the financing of social enterprises in their various forms, including strategic philanthropy, accountability, design, development, management, and professionalization of human resources.

What participants say about us

A valid and stimulating experience that encourages dialogue and the exchange of ideas between participants and teachers.

Stefano Pascale
Head of Administrative Services – Confcooperative | Participant Accountability in Non-Profit Companies

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