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Customer centricity, sales excellence, branding, omni-channeling and optimization of the customer experience through multiple touchpoints are the life-blood of successful companies.


Our objective is to help companies and their managers to generate innovative ideas, acquire rigorous methods, inspire passion and a willingness to discuss with others so as to develop a winning approach to marketing and the sales roles, generating new opportunities from the market and transforming potential into results. A demanding challenge we have always taken on with energy, searching for new paths to excellence designed specifically for the management of sales functions.


Marketing & Sales do not only mean researching and thinking, but also a concrete focus on the client, strategic choices, and operative tools to become more competitive and be the best.

The Programs and the Skills
The Programs and the Skills

Looking towards continuous innovation, we offer programs designed to meet the specific needs of those who work in the marketing, sales, distribution, and communication units.

What participants say about us

Practical and effective. A stimulating course that can fuel the curiosity of those who take part in it.

Elena Frattaroli
Weleda | Participant Marketing Evening Edition

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