Developing new products, services and experiences through human-centered design

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Calendar: Nov 7, 2019 - Dec 12, 2019 (2,5 Days)

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Anyone responsible for driving change in their organization through innovation will tell you, it’s not easy. Every step of the journey presents challenges: Identifying/validating new opportunities, aligning a complex organization, designing creative solutions, and getting everything to market at the speed of today’s competition. What processes, philosophies and capabilities are needed to manage these challenges more effectively?


Human centered design has become a powerful methodology for driving innovation in complex organizations. With design playing a strategic role in the world’s most innovative firms, many companies are looking to the “designers toolbox” as the solution to their own product development and innovation struggles. This workshop – stemming from the collaboration between SDA Bocconi School of Management and Frog Design, a global design and strategy firm – aims at answering this challenge using human centered design. At the center of the design-driven approach are two key capabilities: empathy with users (customers and internally) to better understand customer value and rapid prototyping to bring ideas to life quickly.


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INNOVATION BY DESIGN: Skype Chat with the Experts
Paola Cillo, Program Director
Craig Cisero, Senior Strategist at Frog Design

Please write to Paola and Craig to book your place and arrange your time slot.

Program Agenda
Pre-Webinar 7/11 (afternoon)
19 (Afternoon) - 20 (all day) - 21 (Morning)/11
Post-Webinar 12/12 (afternoon)

2.5 days (4 hours in Distance Learning + 2 days face-to-face)

Pre-workshop Conference Webinar:  7 November (6:00 pm)
In-class Workshop: 19 (2-5:30pm) - 20 (all day) - 21 (9am - 1pm) November 2019
Post-workshop Conference Webinar: 12 December (6:00 pm) 

What you'll be working on
What You'll Get

A hands-on crash-course in using human centered design that will empower you to identify new market opportunities through a deeper understanding of your customer’s needs and enable you to design the products and experiences that delight customers in new and meaningful ways.

The Innovation by Design course is a hands-on experience guided by expert faculty, both from SDA Bocconi and Frog Design, that combines both theory and practice. You will learn customer-centric methods and tools to boost effective and sustainable innovative processes, aligning your team in delivering objectives and value to the organization and to customers. Once internalized, this approach and model will stay with you and transform the way you approach product and process development challenges.


What you'll be working on
What you'll be working on
  • Trends on Innovation
  • Developing deep understanding of customers through user research
  • Crafting personas in an effective way
  • Identifying market opportunities
  • Setting a strategic vision for new initiatives
  • Understanding and designing customer journey
  • Methods and tools to ignite creativity within the organization
  • Ethnographic methodologies to identify needs and pain points of consumers
  • Prototyping ideas to foresee potential pitfalls of new products
  • Channelling insights into new products and new solutions
  • Building the business case.




Who It is for

This workshop is aimed at all those who have to deal with innovation, product development, and the redesign of processes (organizational, productive, communicative):

  • product/brand owners
  • product managers
  • innovation/transformation managers
  • entrepreneurs and startuppers.



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"Customer-centric approach brings to Lean approach, seen as a method and a way of thinking about the start up process: as it focuses on the business model, the visualization of the idea and the check of its feasibility, once internalized this method can be re-iterated to foster customer discovery and orientation and achieve the right product/market fit."

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Paola Cillo

"Since our early days, our rallying cry has been ‘form follows emotion,’ a mantra that emphasizes the importance of understanding customers as humans with all of their complexity: both functional and emotional. By keeping the customer at the center of the product development process, the organization develops a deeper understanding and alignment on of user needs, enabling better decisions and ultimately better experiences for customers."

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Craig Cisero
Senior Strategist at Frog Design

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