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SDA Bocconi aims to train professionals with skills, passion, and talent to serve institutions and companies operating in the health and social care systems, in order to meet the current challenges and their future development. To do this, it makes use of the wealth of knowledge and relationships matured through thirty years of training experience in the SDA Bocconi classrooms, creating professional networks and practice communities, and with the research activity carried out by the CERGAS Bocconi (Bocconi University’s Research Center on the Management of Health and Social Care).

The Programs and the Skills
The Programs and the Skills

Within a context characterized by constant changes and the development of new skills, we have designed a training program that supports individuals and companies in reading and managing the most crucial dynamics of the social and health care systems. A wide portfolio of training initiatives that touches both on the most consolidated management issues in the sector, and on the most innovative and emerging contents, proposing participatory and digital learning models.


The distinctive features of the training process are: simulations of real situations, case-study discussions, role-playing and learning games, testimonials from professionals operating in the sector, as well being part of a challenging classroom setting in which to exchange ideas with colleagues who have different experiences.


What participants say about us

An interactive and extremely interesting course on a highly relevant current topic. I recommend it to anyone who is interested in having an idea of the proper approach for a rational allocation of resources in the healthcare system.

Laura Chirico
Emea Product Manager, Teleflex | Participant Health Technology Assessment Advanced Course

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