Italian agriculture plays a role of primary importance for the economic development of our country. The growth of the agricultural sector confirms the enormous potential of agriculture and our entrepreneurs.


Commitment and tradition have made Italian agriculture great. Great for the quality of its products and for the volumes it produces. Today, when everything, even the climate, seems to be sinking the sector, it is the ability to run a company that makes the difference. Technical skills in the field are no longer enough, the market is expanding and changing, and only a grower who is also a manager can put in place the tools to harness the conditions of the environment to his or her advantage and increase the competitiveness of the farm.


SDA Bocconi, with a dedicated faculty committed to scientific research, but who also stands next to the enterprises, wants to support those who operate in such a peculiar, essential, and strategic sector for our country.

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The Programs And The Skills
The Programs And The Skills

Our offer aims to accompany agricultural entrepreneurs, and those who aspire to become such, in the development of their profession in order to be able to fully exploit the potential of their company and thus become a driver of development for the entire sector.

What participants say about us

A fantastic experience from a training, social, and moral point of view. Professors of the highest level. A truly outstanding class.

Francesco Punzi
Technical Director - Gruppo Punzi

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