2 days: 6-7 November 2018

Value drivers

Starting from the concept that the mind is not a repository of ideas but a generator, a leader has to select and share them in order to accomplish new projects.

Getting things done means moving from planned tasks and projects to actionable work items by sharing them. It is also fundamental to keep in mind the key elements that are relevant to bringing about the successful execution of business goals.

Making a strategy work is critical for business leaders and for the success of companies or change initiatives.

The key points are:

  • Develop a long-term vision
  • Communicate
  • Organize
  • Delegate
  • Control

...and make it happen.


The “Getting Things Done” program is addressed to senior executives, especially those responsible for driving strategic change initiatives within their organizations.

"Successful organizations understand the importance of implementation, not just strategy, and, moreover, recognize the crucial role of their people in this process."

Jeffrey Pfeffer | Program's Professor 


  • Lead successfully through strategy execution.
  • Prepare your “taking-charge strategy” for your next assignment.
  • Identify sources of power within your organization and use them to build influence.
  • Map an organization’s political terrain to identify individuals critical for diffusing a strategy-supportive culture.
  • Enhance your performance by leveraging informal networks and understanding the political landscape in which key decisions will have to be adopted and implemented.

"Doing the right thing is important, which is where strategy comes in.But doing that thing well—execution—is what sets companies apart. So, success depends on execution—on the ability to get things done."

Jeffrey Pfeffer | Program's Professor 


  Jeffrey Pfeffer

  Professor of Organizational Behavior

  Stanford Graduate School of Business. 



 Marco Tortoriello

 Associate Dean Masters Division at SDA Bocconi.

 Professor of Strategy and Organization at Bocconi University. 


2.600,00 euros + VAT (including teaching materials, coffee breaks, business lunches during the program, excluding accommodation)

Enrollment procedure

Please complete the enrollment request form, available on this web page, and mail or fax to:
SDA Bocconi School of Management
fax +39 02 5836.6833
The final deadline for enrollment is 17th October 2018. Please see details in the enrollment form.

Special Payment Terms 

A 10% reduction on the program fee is offered to applications sent in by 7th September 2018.

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